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Our philosophy is simple: Always do work we’re proud of. We’re a boutique shop and we plan to stay that way because our size allows us to focus on what’s important – our clients.

We produce animatics and test commercials, turning your brief into something real and tangible. Art-direction, illustration, audio production, animation, editing… we do it all and we do it well. We understand how important being flexible and accommodating is in this industry – whether you’re looking for static frames, boardomatics, animatics, photomatics, digital, animation or anything else, your turnaround won’t scare us.

Animatic Styles


Boardomatics are our most basic option. Static illustrations cut to time and incorporating camera moves such as pans and pushes. Often done in narrative format to aid in story telling during testing.

Basic Animatics

Basic animatics combine illustrated still frames with simple layers and other elements allowing for basic animation of objects and characters.

Detailed Animatics

Detailed Animatics are our most complex option, Combining illustrations and multiple layer elements to provide detailed motion, character expression and lip-sync.


Actors are shot in high resolution either against blue screen or in-situ and combined with illustrated or rendered elements and backgrounds. Detailed animation and editing bring these elements to life.


Storieboards. Better Animatics

We work differently from other suppliers in that we offer a single point of contact throughout, with one person overseeing your test spots from start to finish – handling all components from creative brief straight through roughs, approvals, delivery and everything in between. This keeps the process streamlined, ensures clear communication throughout and most importantly – makes your job easier.

With our combined experience that includes both client and agency side, creative direction, film and tv production, illustration, live-action editing, animation, photography, copywriting and audio production, at Storieboards we understand your business inside and out.

Our vast knowledge base means we’re able to provide a large range of services at all levels of complexity and all of them done to our ridiculously high standards. If there is something you need for testing, talk to us.

Storieboards. We’re Here to Help.